Nothing was perfect, but…

… heck if it wasn’t decent. I let my kids struggle a bit with a problem in Geometry. And I think I facilitated two of the four groups fairly well.* And I’ll call that a win. It was nice that there was some joking around in a few groups while we worked (mainly around a complete inability for some students to use a compass!). But the fact that I left them stick with a problem that I didn’t think would be so tough for them (but turned out to be) was a good thing. I’m learning to let things take their own course as the class evolves. Because of Geometry this year, I’m learning to allow for more messiness in the learning process.

*I didn’t take one group on their own terms, and they weren’t getting anywhere. So instead of sitting down with them and having them think through from point A to point B, I actually *gave* them a key insight. And I’m so mad at myself for this. Looking back, I should have had kids from this group go to a different group to get some help.

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