Dear Mr. Shah

Dear Mr. Shah,

I’d like to start by saying how thankful I am that you wrote my recommendation letter. I love how enthusiastic you are about teaching and how you were able to teach me how to love math. I really enjoyed being in your class and having you as my teacher because you didn’t just hand me the formulas, you made *me* find them. At first, I dreaded writeups, but by the end of the year, I had learned how to articulate my thoughts. To this day, I can still remember formulas I had to derive and explain.

You showed me that math is truly beautiful and all around me. Through “explore math” you allowed me to use my creative side to understand math, something no other teacher has ever done.

You really understood me as a student and pushed me to think about math in ways I had never before.

This year in physics, my teacher after class told me he was impressed with my ability to explain my work to others and I couldn’t help but smile and thank you for pushing me to explain myself clearly.

Again, thank you for making me a better student.

20150220_161415 20150220_184007


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