Something’s working

I gave my Calc kids a “Derivatives and Integrals Drill” today: twenty questions just to make sure they remember their basic calculus. I remember giving this last year and it did not go well. I was pretty disheartened by how much the kids had lost already. So I’ve really been working on skill retention this year in Calc. Not to take away from the kids’ natural talent, but my constant badgering must be paying off because this assignment went soooo much more smoothly this year.



One of my precalc girls told me this is the first year since second grade that she’s like math. How cool that I get to be a part of that experience.


Quote of the day:

Me (in precalc): “When you take the AP Calc exam next year, over half of it will be non-calculator.”

Kid: “Oh! THAT’S why they call it calcu-LESS!”

Omg these kids.


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