I was mentally running through my day trying to decide what to share. And I thought about how great my students did at solving the balance problems I gave them today. So great they had no use for the “solve the system by graphing” method I was trying to introduce. And then it hit me, that was exactly what was wrong with my lesson – they had no need for the new tool! So thanks to this blog I now have the insight I need to tweak tomorrow and also what I did today for next year. The power of reflection.


One thought on “Reflecting

  1. I was wondering how that lesson went! Thanks for sharing the mobile site, which I did not know about, and also what you’d tweak. It’s awesome they were learning and involved!

    I find it difficult to justify solving graphically because either the solution is easy and clean, in which case intuition/thinking it out works better, or the solution is not pretty numbers, in which case graphing by hand is not a great way to find it anyway. The best thing about the graphs is when they give a visual display of the situation in a way that helps you intuit what is going on. I lean more & more toward using technology for the graphs, but then they’re not really getting the practice they need at graphing by hand to understand where the graphs are coming from. Tough balance.

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