A super awesome blog comment

Today I got my first comment on a blogpost I wrote last week. I spent a long time writing it, but sometimes you write something and it doesn’t resonate with others, and that’s fine. (I honestly blog for myself, mostly.) But I was secretly hoping that other geometry teachers would see it, because (a) it’s on a unit I’m pretty proud of making (with my co-teacher, of course), and (b) I’m in the middle of it now, and I’m seeing some good things coming from my kids in class. And when they saw it, I was hoping it would resonate with them.

And indeed, it did! The comment was super sweet, and I just about melted when I read it. (I then read it aloud to my co-teacher, so he could bask in the sweetness).

Wow! This is an amazing unit! This is a great example of a series of activities in which students are gently guided towards developing several important geometrical truths that historically have been simply given to them and expected to be memorized, not questioned. (SAS, SSS, ASA, angle bisectors being equidistant from the sides, inscribed circles, incenters, circumcenters, etc.)

Your unit is designed like a novel with twists and turns in the plot. You introduce characters that are seemingly unrelated (at the beginning, I was wondering: Where does salt come it?)
What a breath of fresh air compared to the the normal dry lessons in which students are told SAS, SSS, ASA, asked to memorize them, perhaps asked why ASS doesn’t work (because we can’t say “ASS” in school, of course!)


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