Great collaboration… and a strange precalculus reaction.

I am co-teaching Advanced Geometry this year, and I get emails like this in my inbox (this one from today):


How awesome how awesome how awesome to have a co-teacher who is on the same page as you, and has ideas that worked with his class, and who takes the time to share that with me so I can help my kids too.


Also, in Adv. Precalculus today, we were finishing up with matrices, and kids started drawing connections between matrices, systems of equations, inverses, determinants, and parallelogram areas. And kids were like smacking their heads when they saw this or that connection and it clicked. And one said “we were doing all these strange things that seemed unconnected, but then you make it so they all just end up falling in place” (paraphrase, because terrible memory). I just responded with two words: “secret learning.”

(The reason I titled this post “a strange precalculus reaction” is that this was not one of those days where I felt I was getting my kids to make deep connections. So although I liked seeing it, I just wasn’t expecting it.)


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