Hurry Up!

The psych class across the hall was doing an experiment during my prep that involved jumping jacks and clapping. I think the idea was to see if they could condition an increase in heart rate as a response to clapping. Mostly it was funny as the kid who couldn’t find his pulse announced he was dead and another kid (an athlete) complained of a cramp from 30 seconds of activity. They were entertaining as I waited for my computer to load and inspired a new goal: every time I have to wait for something to open I will take a deep breath and let it out slowly. That spinning wheel of death might make me feel relaxed if I practice enough. 

At the beginning of class I told my PreCalc students we were doing a photo scavenger hunt today. They prodded each other to hurry up and focus as we did the set puzzle of the day, as we returned from the false alarm fire alarm evacuation and as we discussed the homework. It was great!


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