The coolness of L’Hopital’s Rule

One of my kids is a small group leader for eighth grade boys at his church. He asked me today, “What do you if you have a kid that never talks in class?” Apparently one of the boys in his group is very reserved and he wanted to see if I had any advice on getting through to this kid.

Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but I felt pretty honored that he wanted my opinion on this…


Today we talked about L’Hoptial’s Rule for evaluating limits.  I had my kids evaluate a simple limit that involved factoring.  I call this the “PreCalc way” because they’ve been doing this since last year.  Then, I had them take the derivative of the numerator and denominator and find the limit of their NEW expression.

“NO. WAY.” I heard from the corner of the room.

“Yes way! Awesome, huh?”

“This is so cool!” both classes told me.

I know, children; it’s math, of course it’s cool… 😉


One of my students had to write about someone who has positively impacted her life…and she chose me…?

And sent me this picture of her assignment:


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