Happy Birthday

Today was my co-teacher’s birthday! I have a monthly dry-erase calendar in the front of the room, and of course I labeled her birthday on there. It was funny to hear students call out “Your birthday is on Thursday?” whenever they happened to look at the calendar. Students have varying degrees of awareness, but the first week of the month is always sprinkled with questions about upcoming days off and different schedules as students recognize that a new month means a new calendar. My co-teacher was stuck proctoring during our first class, and one of the students from that class stopped by later in the day to tell her happy birthday. I thought that was so sweet! Then, during our last block class, she received a birthday card from another student. I am seriously impressed with the planning that took. I barely remembered to buy her a birthday card and I have a reminder in my phone calendar. Kids can be so sweet, and not always the kids you’d expect!


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