Salt! and Chocolate Cake!

Today in geometry we started pouring lots of salt (see this post for background). Kids had heard that they were doing stuff with salt from another section, and they came in excited. (We had previewed it a very very little bit a week ago, with one simple demonstration.)

20150305_111558 20150305_112826

They didn’t get too far in it, but I liked watching ’em. I turned off most of the lights, had them use the flashlights on their phones to accentuate the ridges, and played some pop hits.

Tomorrow they are going to finish it. I’m excited for when the kids get to the non-triangle pieces!


I wrote a recommendation letter for a student for a summer program. His mother dropped off two GIANT amazingly delicious pieces of chocolate cake. I had a good chunk, and shared the rest with my colleagues. It was a delicious and thoughtful gesture.

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