When a Diet Coke is more than just a Diet Coke

So today I met with a student who was really shaken by a poor test he got back. He recognized what went wrong, and we talked through the few questions he had. But this is a strong student who is not used to doing poorly on things. Last week, right after the test, I talked with him to help him out emotionally. And then today we met, and I talked to him again. About setting the bar high, about how we strive for perfection, about how sometimes we don’t get there and sometimes we totally flop, and… that’s life and that’s okay. You have to learn what it’s like to flop and learn from it. You have to learn that flopping doesn’t destroy you — and it isn’t the end of the world (even though now it feels like it is). Yadda yadda yadda.

So I gave him my business card that says “Make Mistakes And Learn From Them.” He smiled. And asked if I had a bunch of them. Of course, I responded. And so I went to my stash and told him if I gave him another one, with different words, if he would promise to do what was on it. He promised, unhesitatingly. So I hand it to him.

Look at the pictures to see the card, and then what I found on my desk later in the day.

image (1)


My kids are the best.


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