Happy kids

We solved the “Case of the Cooling Corpse” today in precalc (a murder mystery using Newton’s Law of Cooling–Google it! :)). This was something I refused to cut…even with all the lost days because of snow. And I’m so glad I didn’t; a  lot of the kids really enjoyed it. I paired the students up and had them solve their scenario together (we had several different versions). One of the groups started arguing about the answer (one of my favorite things they do!):

“It was the wife! It was totally the wife!”

“No–it has to be the butler.”

I finally interjected, asking some leading questions. This led to, “Aw man, yeah it was the wife…”

The other kid was beside himself and started dancing. “Boo ya! It’s the wiiiiife! It’s the wiiiiife!” 

So cool. I’d never seen this kid this excited about anything. 


One of my Calc kids missed several days of class during our area/volume unit. As a result, she just never quite mastered it. She asked last week if she could come in for some re-teaching (again). I said of course, but inside I was a little worried that she still wouldn’t get it. I was out of ideas for explaining. 

I shouldn’t have been worried, she caught on right away and started smiling bigger than I’d ever seen her smile. “I get this now!”

I gave her her quiz back and asked if she wanted to change any of her answers. When she turned in her revised quiz, it was flawless. 

She stayed a little longer, telling me about her talent show tryout and showing me a video of what she was attempting to replicate. She was beyond excited and I was beyond impressed. I love learning things about my kids that I probably wouldn’t learn during the school day. 

When she left, she gave one of those, “Thank you for everything,  Mrs. Peterson” that are so sincere, you think your heart could melt…


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