Two Moments

In Geometry today, I gave my kids a definition for a parallelogram, one giant whiteboard per group, and asked them to prove everything they could about this parallelogram, and about the diagonals in the parallelogram. I then let them go. I loved watching their minds whirr and their conversations naturally occur. (We did this activity as a class — all together — earlier this week with a kite.) It was nice to see them figure tons of stuff out, from a figure with almost no information!

In Precalculus today, I gave my kids a set of carefully crafted “backwards questions.” We’ve been going from an equation of a polynomial to a graph of a polynomial. I flipped it on it’s head and gave them graphs of polynomials, and asked them to come up with the equations. The warm up (below) was super generative of conversations, and I liked how kids started thinking about vertical stretching as one of the ways to approach this!



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