A (Mostly) Yummy Night

For my recent birthday my fantastic wife got me a gift subscription to a service that this together two things near and dear to me – music and cooking. She found a company called Turntable Kitchen that sends out a monthly package with a limited edition 7 inch single of a hand picked artist and three recipe cards to make a lovely dinner. This month’s single is by Lunifred Benjamin and it is a lovely little piece of bedroom-y chamber pop. Quiet, dark and dreamy sounding.  Last night I cooked the meal of the month. It was a three course meal consisting of a tomato soup with creme fraiche drizzled in and some smoky, warm spices. Both my wife and I loved it. My kids were not as thrilled. It had some chunkiness to it and did not taste enough like ketchup for their taste. I also made a salad with sliced fennel, a sliced pink lady apple, smoked trout, and some spices with a simple oil and vinegar dressing. Have to say that I was more intrigued by this than wowed by it. The combination of the fennel and apple was crunchy and sweet with a little of the tangy licorice of the fennel. The addition of the smoked trout matched the smoky profile of the soup spices but a little smoked trout goes a long way in my book. The kids passed on this salad. The final course was a terrific grilled cheese made with a combo of gruyere, white cheddar, and havarti. For the kids I also included some white american cheese. The recipe called for thick, chewy whole grain bread and it was grilled in butter in a cast iron stove until it was crispy, melty, and warm all the way through. Great for dipping in the soup. Cannot wait until next month’s find!


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