Explore Math #2

Today, I had the optional “explore math 2” due for my precalculus kids. And since my precalculus classes don’t meet today, kids were dropping their projects off on my desk. I had so many awesome feelings when I was at my desk when kids were dropping it off, and they were excitedly telling me what they found out.


I had a lot of freetime today. I think it’s because we’re just back from spring break, so students haven’t yet gotten back in the swing of things… so I haven’t had to meet with many of them yet. And during this time, I got sooooo much done. It was amazing. Mountains of photocopying. Went to Kinkos to get some right triangle trig books bound. Modified a letter of recommendation. Graded some random things that were remnants from before spring break.


My geometry kids were doing really good work on the introduction to similarity work that we were rolling out today!


My department head used some triangle congruence sheets that my co-teacher and I developed, and said her kids were getting into it!

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