I thought it might be a good idea to do a bit of geometry review in Intermediate Algebra, for the juniors who are planning on taking the ACT sometime soon.  We did area and perimeter of rectangles yesterday and they knocked it out of the park.

So, I threw L-Shapes at them today.

Oh. Boy.

Not my smartest move as a teacher. (You’d think I would have known to do just perimeter first…but no…)

Some kids got it right away.  But some kids struuuuuuggled.  I finally started marking all over their papers like this:


That second picture started helping a lot of kids.  They started to see exactly what the length and width were for each picture.

When class was over, I told my co-teacher that I did not expect that this lesson would have been so hard for them.  Then she said something like, “Yeah, but the way you broke it up for them really helped.  Honestly, I’d never thought about visualizing it the way you said, and it even helped me know how to help them better.”

I was so excited by her encouragement!  I don’t consider this class to be one of my strengths (although I like teaching it…it keeps me humble), so I relish compliments from the students and other teacher greatly.


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