I don’t know if it was National Make Rebecka Feel Great About Herself Day today or what, but it was kinda awesome. Probably ten people told me I looked amazing today. So, that was nice. 

Then, at parent teacher conferences, I got to talk to a few of my kiddos’ parents. Several thanked me for doing what I do (I tried thanking them for sharing their kid with me…but I think it sounded kinda weird…gotta work on that). One mom even said, “You were exactly what she [my daughter] needed this year.” Her daughter has been battling a life-threatening illness for the last several years. She is truly one of the bravest, kindest, smartest kids I’ve ever gotten to teach. So, to hear her mom speak those words of life to me nearly brought me to tears. 

People think we’re crazy for doing what we do. And I guess, in a way, we are. But this is seriously the best job on the planet. I’m convinced of that. 


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