Professional Soccer

I was about to get on the elevator to go to my office when I heard a “Mr. Shah!” I turned around, and saw a former student who was leaving the front entrance. More amazing is that I recognized the kid and remembered his name — considering I have the world’s worst memory. But he was in my first multivariable calculus class, and those kids were extraordinarily memorable. It was thrilling to see him (after college, he went to play professional soccer on a national team in Europe!), but what floored me is that this kid is an adult now. I have this picture in my mind of this senior kid. In fact, I have a picture of that entire multivariable class and me, post-graduation, on my desk — one off the mothers sent it to me after getting graduation photos printed. He was a kid. But now he’s all grown up, doing grown up things. Awesomely surreal. (Normally, I only see former students one or two years after graduation… then high school is more in the past for them.)


Today there were speeches for student council executive officer positions. Of the nine or ten kids running, four of them were in my precalculus classes. And my kids were killing it. They were earnest and hilarious at the same time. Normally at the end of the speeches, I chose my “winners” (the students who I think would do the best job based on their speeches). This time I couldn’t. They were just so good!


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