Before school started today, I had an IEP meeting. The meeting was held to discuss what going to the tech school for half the day next year would look like for this particular student. This kid is an awesome kid. Yes, she’s on an IEP and English is her second language, but she is so hard-working, kind, and considerate. She is just lovely. 

As we were sitting there, listening to the guidance counselor explain what kinds of things she would be doing at Tech, I saw her and her mother’s eyes light up, as they started to realize that she could have a very respectable career as an optometry assistant by the time she graduates high school next year. 

I just kept thinking how incredible this whole situation was. In that moment, I was so proud to work at a place that puts kids first: that seeks creative ways to educate kids, knowing that this is the key out of poverty for many of them. I just felt so honored to get to be a small piece of this grand puzzle. 


After school today, I sent an email to my Calc parents giving them an update (AP season is upon us!). Within minutes four or five parents responded, thanking me not just for the update, but for being their kids’ teacher. 

One parent’s words brought tears to my eyes:

Rebecka, M has learned so much this year.  She told me the other day that she actually loved math and felt like she was good at it.  That’s a first for her!  She hasn’t always had that kind of confidence in math.  You have been such an amazing blessing to my family…
…You are such a great teacher, but you are far more than just a teacher to your students.  Thank you for the Godly example you set for them and for taking the time!!   I will be forever grateful to you!  I pray that M will take the kindness and compassion for others that  she’s seen in you and “pay it forward” as she begins the next chapter in her life.

That is–and will always be–my number one goal: for my students to feel loved and appreciated…and then share that love with the world around them. 


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