Stayed Late Grading Tests

So I stayed at school until 9:10pm grading precalculus tests I administered today. The test was actually on the shorter side, but the problem was I asked a bunch of writing questions. And those take a good amount of time to read, understand, and mark up. The good news is: almost all of my kids killed it. It was awesome. I kinda expected that, because the material wasn’t so challenging, but I’m going to take it anyway. The best news is that I have a couple kids who have had a not-so-hot run lately, and I got to email them special letting them know the good news.


This morning I was in the cafeteria getting my coffee and a student (not mine) popped his head in. Yesterday he needed some help with trig and his teacher wasn’t around, so I explained some things… and when I realized he had no clue what sine and cosine were at all in relation to the unit circle, I made him sit down and we walked through it from the start. He thanked me for my help then, but then this morning he said that that mini-lesson really helped him with his nightly work, and that he is figuring stuff out well. That comment — and the fact that he took the time to tell me it — made me feel so good!


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