I got to send this email to a mother today…

Oh my gosh, I have to tell you what happened in class today, because C’s kindness almost brought me to tears. 

One of the girls in class got a text from her boyfriend’s mom saying that he wouldn’t be able to go to Prom tomorrow because he got pulled over…


The girl was in tears as she had already spent money on her dress, shoes, etc.  I encouraged her to go to Prom anyway, but the girl was sure she’d be left alone or be a third wheel.  C tried to comfort her, and reassured her that several girls would be there without dates.  The girl insisted that she wouldn’t know anyone.  And then C said, “You’ll know me.  Come find me and we’ll hang out!”




Then as they were heading out, I heard C say once more, “Now, you’re going to find me when you get there, right?”


What a great kid you have.  The world is surely better because she’s in it…

What a lovely young lady who is choosing to be part of the solution. I’m so honored to be both these ladies’ teacher and to have witnessed this beautiful encounter that transcended race, culture, and cliques.


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