Three Blocks

I’ve been dreading today for a while.  We started block scheduling this week (we see half of our classes for two hours a day).  Monday and yesterday, it was fine:  I got a two-hour plan!  Today…no plan, all preps, here we go!  So, I thought it prudent to share “one good thing” from each block… 😉

First Block

We learned Gaussian elimination today in PreCalc.  I did one example by hand and then let the kids do their homework on their calculators.  This was the HW screen for the lesson:

poor gauss

One of the kids has a last name similar to Gauss, and his friend thought it’d be funny to take a picture with him next to this slide, looking sad.  Maybe it was a had-to-be-there moment, but I died laughing.

Second Block

One of my calculus kids wrote me a letter, because she knew I’d need some encouragement today.  Her words touched my heart so: “…You’re basically one of the only (if not the only) person who I can always feel like I can talk to, and even on days when I don’t want to talk, I still want to talk to you because I know you will listen and really care about what I say…”

It makes me want to be even more intentional when it comes to listening to my kids.

Third Block

On Friday last week, after my kids in Intermediate Algebra finished their assignment, I encouraged them to write birthday cards for our co-teacher (who was out of town that day).  A lot of the kids got really into and made really precious cards.  Today, a couple kids wanted to finish theirs once they got done with their work.  One girl worked on hers for quite some time.  Before class was over, she handed it to my co-teacher.  And then my co-teacher let me read it.  I kid you not, it was A  BOOK.  WITH PAGES.  We were both on the brink of tears.  This is a girl who’s had attitude problems all year, but we’ve both just chosen to love on her.  It’s clear that this girl has formed a very special relationship with our co-teacher, and I felt so grateful to get to experience that joy with her and know that I had a small part in helping that joy come about…


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