Rational Function Headbandz


Today in one of my precalculus classes, I got to play “Rational Function Headbandz” (link). I had never had a chance to do it with kids before (I made it for a group of precalculus teachers as a get-to-know-you activity). I loved how kids were forced to articulate their questions clearly, and they got frustrated when they couldn’t (they could only ask questions with one word or one number responses in order to come up with a decent sketch of the graph on their forehead).  But then they powered through. I don’t think they got “conceptual” depth from it. But they got to practice talking math, and they had to individually figure out what the most pertinent things to ask were.

I am going to do this in my other precalculus class tomorrow. I hope to have each kid make a tally of the number of questions they ask. I should collect their graphs that they draw, with their tallies.

In any case, you can imagine. Kids walking around the room, talking math, knowing they have a graph on their head (that they can’t see) and a graph on their paper they’re trying to match… It’s fun stuff!


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