Geometry & Boggle

At the start of Geometry today, I recapped something we read aloud yesterday. It was something I wrote on how geometry is a mere idealization of the physical world (we briefly delved into the world of platonic forms), and we read an exerpt from Paul Lockhart’s Measurement on the difference between mathematical reality and physical reality. I thought it was really cool, but yesterday I didn’t see too much mind-whirring in my kids during this time. However today two kids — in the recap — talked about how it was interesting and one wanted to know if there was an elective that they could take later in their time at school that covered similar ideas, and another said it was like when we drew a right triangle with two right angles on it (on a balloon)… It did connect with some kids!!!


Then in geometry we did a little bit of measuring in the school’s Atrium to figure out how tall it is. We didn’t finish, but I’m crossing my fingers that they were getting reasonable data…



After our after school meeting that ends at 5pm, a few of us in the math department were unwinding… and so I broke out the boggle and we played two rounds. It was a great way to unwind. Even if the second round (pictured below) was totally horribly impossible.

image (4)

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