it’s april break

I thought I would want nothing to do with school during this week, but I’m finding it energizing to think and talk about school in a productive way.

1) I went to this panel on social innovation at Tufts today. The distinguished speaker series “brings leaders from a range of fields and perspectives to campus to discuss public issues. During their visits, these notable guests also connect with students and faculty for informative roundtable discussions. The goal is to educate, enlighten and even to provoke students at Tufts, hoping they will be inspired by the leaders and role models they hear and meet.” Today’s panel focused on social entrepreneurship and building sustainable organizations that meet community needs. In addition to referencing the Tufts 1+4 program, the speakers also spoke about their own “bridge years” during college and the experiences they gained. This got me thinking more about what we could do with global education and service at my high school–pushing the next boundaries of “International Baccalaureate for all”!

2) At dinner afterward, I talked to a friend about my experiences with getting a special education teaching license in moderate disabilities. It could have been really easy to gripe about it (an extra 8.5 hours a week in class plus 2 hours of homework is no fun), but instead I felt energized about what I’m learning and how it’s helping me improve as a teacher.

Looking forward to recharging more over this break.


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