Tonight I went out to dinner with my friend, one of the college counselors, and then we both went to see the spring musical, Godspell. I was sitting near a senior who I taught as a junior, and she said “Mr. Shah, I always see you at student performances — do you always go to all of them?” I forget that kids actually do notice stuff like that. And then she said something about how I sent her an email after a performance she was in. Normally when I do that, kids don’t respond back. So I never really know if they care, which makes me question if I’m just wasting my time sending the email. But the fact is: she remembered it and mentioned it to me. So after watching tonight’s production, I sent an email to my students/former students who were in it:

What a fantastic performance you guys did of Godspell. It was captivating! It’s a challenging piece, because of the different song types, the challenging references/language, and the large cast — but it went off without a hitch. I found myself laughing at all the subtle (and not so subtle) jokes. And Ms. [REDACTED] and I were bouncing along in our seats to the upbeat numbers. So. Good.

Thank you for sharing your talents with us. And for all that hard work that transformed into that talent. And for taking a risk and putting yourselves on display!

(Yes, I am listening to the soundtrack now!)

Seeing my kids do something they love is my one good thing for today!

And if you want, here’s an upbeat track from the musical!


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