So Famous

My co-worker had to run an errand this morning so she decided to stop by the bagel shop and get bagel sandwiches for everyone who eats lunch with us. It was so helpful not having to make lunch this morning when I was moving slowly, wondering what fabulous things I did during my snow days to balance these two days of school during what was supposed to be a vacation week

Since we were on vacation, I hadn’t seen my students since NCTM. Several of my PreCalc students asked how the conference went. Before I went one of them asked if I was famous, I smiled and told him, “way famous.” He asked again today and I said “so famous, did you google me?” A group of them had (of course) and one said, “I wanted to follow you on Twitter but thought that was against the student/teacher rules. When I graduate though!” For sure kid, I would love to talk math with you on Twitter after graduation. 


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