Donuts and Math Team

Our math team had a virtual competition this morning, and it was a collaboration round. Kids paired up, and discussed problems together. And they were so excited when they worked super hard to get an answer, and then it turned out to be right. Thrilling! And even though we needed 5 pairs, we only had 4 pairs (so the fifth pair registered a score of 0) and we still won! What a wonderful way to start the day.


I bought donuts for the math team this morning, and I gave the receipt to my department head for reimbursement. At the donutshop, I also got a coffee, but didn’t put in for that to be reimbursed also. My department head wrote:

“Also, please keep your coffee ON the reimbursement next time.  It’s really the least the department can do to thank you for your time!”

Can’t beat that! So nice!


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