Sharing Her Gifts

One of the highlights of my week at school is our informal chapel assemblies. Our school was founded by Methodist ministers and still has some formal ties with the area’s Methodist assembly. Part of our mission, then, involves chapel services. They happen to be fairly non-denominational and our Chaplain is a wonderful and talented man. Today, however, the highlight was not his presentation – although it was a pretty darned good one. Today’s highlight was a string quartet written by one of our students. She happens to be in my AP Calculus BC course. She wrote a lovely piece that was performed by her and three of our music faculty members. Not only was the piece really terrific, but in my class today (and afterward in the hallway) students were coming up to the composer and talking to her about her piece. They were not just complimenting her for achieving this, they were asking her technical questions about the structure of the piece and commenting on specific parts of the music that they appreciated. It would be SO easy to just walk by and say ‘Great Job!’ but they were having meaningful conversations and showing that they actually remember information from their music class. I was so thrilled to hear her art and even more thrilled to see her peers give her the kind of attention and recognition she deserves.


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