They have my heart

When we started sequences and series this week in PreCalc, I had a student (who is otherwise pretty positive) moan and groan…”Nooo!  I hate sequences and series!”

“What the heck, man?  They’re the awesome,” I replied, not sure where this hatred was coming from.  I asked why he was so against this topic, and he said that it caused him to get a B in Algebra II last year. (I snickered inside, knowing his Algebra II teacher last year pushed her kids to really excel.)

So, today, Day 3 on sequences and series, I checked up on him:  “Still not liking sequences and series?”

“Eh…I guess they’re getting better.”

Then I asked another kid how he was doing, and he responded with, “Well.  This was all very confusing until T [the first kid] explained it to me.”

I stared at the first kid, “Did ya hear that?!”

He was beaming.


A calc kid told me today that she’s never loved math as much as she loves calculus.  “I’m so glad you talked me into taking this course.  I love calc so much.”


Another kid told me that she and her friends collectively decided that they wished all their AP classes’ review time were structured like our calc class.  That meant a lot to me, because I’ve worked really hard this year to ensure that calc really blossomed at our school.


I got a text from a previous student today!  She wanted to let me know she got a 100 on her math test. 🙂  And, she wants to get together over the summer!

I was just crying to my saint of a husband last night that I pour into these kids for 1-2 years and love them deeply…and then they just leave!  Brett assured me that many come back and visit and stay in my life.  This text was timely as it reaffirmed the truth he spoke into me.


A note from a student:

Believe me, we are all better off having been in your class and witnessed your  brains, passion, and kindness.  We WILL rock the exam.


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