t-1 days

Tomorrow is the day!  The day we’ve been preparing for since August (literally)–the AP Calculus Exam!

All I can think about is, “How are the kids going to do tomorrow?”  I hate that they only get one chance–3.5 hours–to prove what they know.  To show how much they’ve learned.  But, even so, I know my babies can do this.  They are prepared.

One of my calc students knew I’d be freaking out once the final bell rang today, so she told me she’d come up to my room after school and help with whatever I needed help with.  What a gift!  She helped me with all kinds of little things around the room that needed to get done for tomorrow; and, most importantly, helped me stay on task.

We were never meant to do life alone.  If there’s one thing I know for sure it’s that we need each other.  I’m so thankful for kids who realize that they are as much of a help to me (well, actually much more) as I am to them.


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