Making Sense of Physics

It just so happened that in physics (our 9th graders take physics), the kids started learning about trigonometry the same day we started learning about trigonometry. And they are having their physics tests on Thursday, and our geometry test on Friday. One student said today that they didn’t understand why what they were doing in physics worked — why SOH CAH TOA actually yielded the right answer — but Geometry is making it all make sense. What better compliment is there than that?


I have been very explicit with my freshman about how to prepare for the final. I had them read my handout last night and today I asked students to share something that struck them, or something that occurred to them, when they were reading it. What kids came up with were the key points I was trying to get across to them.


I had my first meeting with a student about writing her a college recommendation. I’ve been really explicit about what I expect from my students if they are going to ask me for one. The student I met with today looked so nervous. So I asked”are you nervous?” and she replied in the affirmative. I said, “Don’t be nervous! You’re going to be great” And about two minutes into what they had prepared to talk about, where she was doing an amazing job, I could see that her nerves weren’t dissipating. So I stopped her, told her what a great job she was doing, told her that I am definitely going to write her a recommendation, so she could stop being nervous. Then she finished off what she had wanted to talk about. It was great. She was thoughtful, and brought up specific moments from the year that were important to her as a student.


At lunch today, we had burrito bowl day, and there was an amazing cucumber-avocado gazpacho. Yum.


Today it was hot out. And our Multivariable Calculus class is on the 5th floor, and it was hot. So… we grabbed the textbooks and went outside and worked problems. So lovely.


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