Yesterday I received news that one of my students was in the hospital, in a medically induced coma. I’m terrified. I tried to focus on the good yesterday–I needed to be there for my Calc kids during the exam, but inside all I felt was turmoil. I cried myself to sleep yesterday, fearing the worst. 

Today I got an update, which I think was positive, but it’s clear the situation is still very serious. In the meanwhile, this darling student’s lovely attendance secretary has taken it upon herself to collect donations for the family so that–at the very least–Mom doesn’t have to worry about dinner every day. 

My one good thing is that I don’t just work at a school; I live in a tight-knit community: one that knows how to pull together when tragedy strikes. 

I’m praying my heart out for the recovery of my beloved student. I ask that you join me…

The card my kids made for “Queen T.” 


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