One of dear girls has taken it upon herself to write me a letter every day we are on 2/4/6 block, as she knows these are long days for me (no plan; different prep each hour). Today was the last day of 2/4/6 (!), and her letter touched my heart in ways I can’t describe. 

First, she said that she simply felt called to make my life a little better every day. And that she has. Truly. It might sound strange to an outsider (and she even conceded to that), but I very much understand what she’s saying. She’s a girl who chooses to have a few close friends and is very protective of those friends. And, hence, she’s protective of me; and I am grateful. 

But, what really hit me was that she told me to relish in all the goodness of Mother’s Day this weekend for two reasons: (1) She believes I will be a mom very soon (she’s one of the few kids who knows this deep longing in me) and (2) She pointed that out that I am a mother-figure to many of my students, herself included. 

What this student didn’t know was that I’ve been dreading Mother’s Day. My own mom has to work and I’m just not sure I can handle…all of it. 

But this lovely girl reminded me of the one thing I try to teach my kids every year: choose to focus on the positive, even in situations that seem negative. She was so right in everything she said. Oh to be so wise at such a young age…I am so thankful for kids who speak words of truth, kindness, and light into my life. 


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