Screaming & Cheating

I’m right now proctoring a 9th grade geometry test. A student came in super nervous, and asked if we could do the “[Middle School 5th Grade Teacher’s Name] Scream” before the test. I didn’t know what that was, but apparently the teacher gave everyone a minute to scream before tests to help with the anxiety… Get all the bad juju out! So we did it, and heck if it didn’t feel good. Also: I haven’t screamed in ages!


I met with a student in my multivariable calculus class. He hosts a minecraft server that kids in the school are using — but some of them have been cheating by using an extension which allows them to see where the diamonds are buried. He wanted to create a way to detect these cheaters by creating a forcefield in the minecraft universe based on where the diamonds are, and calculate a line-integral for each player’s movement (to see if the player is moving directly towards the diamonds or not). There were a few bumps along the road, but he has gotten something producing data. We met and he showed me the data from a non-cheater and a known cheater, and used a P-value test to show that the cheater was likely cheating. Then I asked for another non-cheater to be compared to a known cheater to see what happened. The test showed that the non-cheater was cheating! So we thought either (a) something was wrong with the analysis/theoretical-setup or (b) the non-cheater was cheating.

The student came up to me at lunch today and told me he now has confirmation that the non-cheater was cheating (I high-five-d him), and thus his model/program actually did detect cheating! This was such an awesome feeling to see his model work out!


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