Baltimore & Senior Meetings

The seniors are going to Baltimore at the end of the year for a community service trip. Students who have gone on this trip work at soup kitchens and Habitat, among other organizations. However in the past we haven’t made this trip have much of a learning component. It was service, not service learning. This year, because of the recent events in Baltimore surrounding Freddie Gray’s death and aftermath, some faculty members banded together to make the trip be more meaningful. And without going into details about the specifics, I was in a group with around 30 seniors who were being led by a thoughtful teacher (I was just support), engaging in really meaningful work. It was nice to see programming that was well-thought out and well-executed.


I’ve been meeting with a lot of seniors around college recommendations. (I require them to meet with me.) Today I had two great meetings. Both students came super prepared, and fielded all my questions to them, and were just champs. Even though taking 20 minutes to meet with individual kids is really putting a damper on my ability to get work done, I’m learning so much about my kids that I didn’t know, and I think I’m teaching them a valuable lesson at the same time.


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