We are planning to do Barbie Bungee on Monday and I’ve been struggling to get the details figured out. I read several blog posts and made a handout that I thought would highlight the aspects we want to focus on now. I shared my plan with my co-teacher and other algebra 1 teachers and they all had questions. Good questions that we needed to figure out answers to ahead of handing things off to students. I got a Barbie and some rubber bands and we did a trial run during common planning time today. We ran into several snags. Some we figured out during the planning time. Other issues (like my preposterous y-intercept) I discussed with my lunch group (other math and science teachers). The science teacher had a great point- some variance is fine but too much room for error and the kids won’t get anything out of it. After school my co-teacher and I had time for another trial with our modifications. We might just have a plan that works. It was frustrating to spend so long prepping one lesson but it was fun to collaborate with all of my co-workers and do some genuine problem solving! Someone said we should share this experience with the kids. I’m absolutely going to give them the prompt without instructions and let them discuss. But I will participate in the discussion and share my experience so it doesn’t take them days to complete the activity!

One thought on “Collaborating

  1. I have done this a few times now. It can be hard to see where here head drops to so I have kids use a paper plate. Have fun with it.

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