I try to do something fun (still math-related, but not necessarily tied to what we’re studying) with Intermediate Algebra every Friday.  A few weeks ago, I played Yahtzee with some friends and was reminded of how much math and strategy there is in that game.

So, I decided we would play today.  However, much to my surprise only two students had ever played before!  One of my goals for this class was to give these kids some of the experiences that I had growing up in a upper-middle class family and for them to teach me things about their experiences.  I know it’s small, but it was pretty exciting to get to teach them the game of Yahtzee.  I can’t say they were all sold on the game (it’s harder than it first appears), but it’s a game I think every kid should know how to play.


I wrote a last-minute rec letter for a kid yesterday.  I wasn’t sure that I’d see her in time, so I emailed the letter to her mom.  She sent me back such kind words…

You are a treasure. Thank you so, so much for doing this! You’ll never know the impact you’ve made on so many kids. I hear about you from lots of former students…not just A. She adores you!

I’ve said this before, but I so treasure words of encouragement from parents…because as much as I love these kids, no one loves them more than their own mommas.  So, a momma’s praise is gold to me…


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