Tofu and n-gons and a Pen

At lunch today, we had my favorite spicy tofu.


In Geometry today, kids started really getting into finding the area of a regular n-gon. I loved watching them dig into it. For those 10 minutes before class ended, I hadn’t seen my kids as engaged as this in a long time. It felt do-able but just hard enough to be almost un-doable. A perfect fit.


One of my students from last year, who I wrote a recommendation for, gave me this today:



2 thoughts on “Tofu and n-gons and a Pen

  1. Your perfect fit statement reminded me of my husband’s mantra (he’s a college history professor). He tells his students he wants them to be ‘uncomfortable, but not paralyzed.’ It sounds like what you hit today.

    (Also, this is the second one good thing post I’ve commented on today. You guys rock.)

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