God bless second hour

My first hour (PreCalc) irritated me today.  Their attitudes were just stinky, as my mother would say (while holding her nose and saying “Pewwww!” ;))  I snapped at two boys…which is unlike me, but–to be honest–they deserved it.

So, when second hour started, I said, “Please don’t ask me questions on the review topics until you’ve looked them up on your own.”  Apparently, that was all it took.  They were absolutely delightful all hour.  And, they really did look up examples before raising their hands.  Woo!

Several also started asking questions about calculus, and what hours I’d be teaching it, and if they could have me again.  I can never give satisfying answers to those questions, but it sure warms my heart when students tell me they really want me as a teacher again.  It was just the boost I needed after first hour.


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