Intersections, A Present, Geometry Review

Today we had our launch party for our school’s math-science journal (which I advise with another teacher). It was lovely to see the kids proudly showcase their work. If you want to check it out, click on this year’s coverphoto below:



Today I came back to my desk with a present from a student who I wrote a recommendation for, and an amazing card:

Dear Mr. Shah,

I wanted to sincerely that you for not merely writing my recommendation but for being truly one of my college mentors. Ever since our first pre-calculus class you encouraged me to view and explore math with curiosity, excitement rather than trepidation. You gave me confidence not only in computing algorithms but in all areas of academia because you believed in me when I did not, and because you guided me not with skepticism but with hope, in belief, and in trust. You showed me that being passionate and honest concerning academia was the most virtuous or honorable thing we can do and would ultimately lead to happiness. And in my last couple years at Packer I have always kept your lessons in my heart and mind and have found your truth. Much of my academic experience, therefore, I owe to you. And that is something I can never truly thank you enough for.

Letter yum


In my Geometry class, kids started their first day of review for finals. And they were doing a great job of talking with each other. I was nervous that without explicitly defined activities, they wouldn’t know what to do. But they were each doing what they needed to do to help themselves best.


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