Serve + Create, Day 2

My kids are starting to leave for summer.  Even though we have another week and a half, several of them have commitments that are calling them away earlier than I would like.  I said goodbye to three kids today, each of whom also gave me a parting gift (the kindness in these kids is just unreal sometimes…).

Take a look at this precious gift:

love for calc has no limits2

This was part of a student’s Serve + Create Project. ❤


Two sisters had their last day today, so they presented their Serve + Create Project today to the class.  Their best friend is also in their class, so they made her a collage with pictures of all three of them…as well as an outline of the states they’ll be in next year for college.  On the bottom it said something like, “Though we’re far apart, we’ll always be close in heart.”


I’ve been so touched with the creative ideas kids are coming up with to do for Serve + Create.  One girl asked me today if she could teach the class a dance.  Um, yes, yes, and yes.  I’m so excited for Thursday.


The best part of my day was during my plan.  My co-teacher and I went to go see our darling student who’s been in ICU for the last few weeks.  She was awake!  She was smiling!  She still has a long ways to go (she cannot speak yet), but seeing that smile warmed my heart so, and gave me renewed hope.


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