Today was hard, as I knew it would be. It was my last day with my calculus babies, many of whom I’ve known for two years. I passed out my junior and senior letters and read the classic Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Then I got to pass out bookmarks with each of their names and descriptive adjectives that their peers and I came up with. It was hard to get through. But it was beautiful. As I read the words that described each kid, I got to see each one of their faces light up. Several even said, “Oh! Thank you, guys!” You could tell they were truly touched. I love how close we’ve all become. 

My heart and soul are breaking at the loss I’ve just experienced. I hate looking at the empty desks, knowing that certain people who occupied them can never be replaced. But, in the end, I’ve gained so much more than I could ever lose…

In January, I started posting a new quote on my whiteboard every week. One of my kids got me the book Whatever You Are, Be a Good One. It’s filled with a hundred inspirational quotes. I feel it only fitting to end with this quote from the book:

To UHS’s Class of 2015–you make my soul blossom. I am eternally thankful for you. 


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