No, Because

Today was the science expo (not the science fair, the expo- no idea of the difference but apparently it’s important) so I only had three students in my PreCalc class. I asked if they wanted to do the SET puzzle of the day and they did. One student took over at the board and I got to play. When she misheard one set because two of us spoke at once she wrote down the correct version below it. I told her she could cross out the incorrect one now and she said, “No, you have to wait.” This is exactly what I do! When we were checking the list later, I had forgotten one of them was written wrong so I just said, “yes, yes, yes…” The student at the board stopped and looked at us and we all remembered that was the wrong one. She wouldn’t cross it out until we said “No, because ____.” It was awesome to sit on the other side and have all my techniques turned back on me. 

The rest of class was really productive because all three of them had make up work to do and for once I could answer their questions promptly. We were going to go to the science expo but they were working right up until 10 minutes before class ended. By the time we got down there everything was cleaned up! Seeing kids with their projects is fun, but focused attention on a few kids who needed it was definitely worse missing that for. 

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