Mr. Waddell’s High Fives

The first week of school is done. That isn’t my One Good Thing.

I’ve met some really wonderful students. While a Good Thing, it wasn’t the One.

Mostly, it was crazy fun to do the High Fives that @GWaddellNVHS shared with us at #TMC15. Everyone has to give me a high five upon entering the room.

When they ask “What’s this for?” I usually tell them that I am happy to see them.

I haven’t even gotten to the “basketball players get high fives for missing” nor the “we’re about to do something awesome”.

It has truly made the attitudes and moods of EVERYONE on my hall happier, Whether they are my students or not.

I have unknown students giving me high fives.

I have other students teaching me (partly by psyching me out) new high fives. I do the turkey, fist bumps, waves…and my hallmate John (the Physics teacher) told me that it has transformed his classroom and students too.

I can’t say I have students lining up outside the door to give me those high fives like Mr. Waddell (yet), but I can get grouchy students who just walk by me to at least turn around and give me one (“maaaaan, got left hangin'” can usually get it). That has been fun.

Happy smiles to everyone!


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