Guess What Day It Is!


Today is my favorite day of the school year. It’s notebook day! I get so excited even though students are the ones doing all the fun things.

For our INBs, we decorate with stickers, make pencil holders out of milkshake straws and duck tape, make bookmarks out of ribbon and tape, create pockets in the back with glue, and a rubber band attachment that holds the notebook shut. I especially love when students get excited about all of my tape/ribbon/color/sticker options. Almost every year someone will ask, “Do you buy all this with your own money?” and many comment somewhere along the lines of “I didn’t know you could do all of this to a notebook”.

It also makes it obvious which students are my favorites like me in that they want to match everything, make it pretty, and keep it organized.

I love my new ribbon holder box (the one with polka dots) from Hobby Lobby- it worked awesome for today!


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