Day 2

I really enjoyed my Intermediate Algebra class today.  It’s my last class of the day–just like last year–which means I never quite know what I’m going to get on any given day.  But today, as we reviewed proportions through capture/recapture simulations and word problems, the kids worked hard all hour and all got along.  Hooray!

A couple kids were absent yesterday (the first day of school) but did show today.  One girl asked how far along I was.  “Four months,” I told her.  “So do you know what you’re having?”  “Yes.  A little boy named Jonas.”

The young man sitting next to her murmured, “Mmmm.  Jonas.  I like it.”

“So it has your approval?” I asked coyly.

A little surprised that I could hear him (will they ever learn that we can hear EVERYTHING?), he sat up straight, smiled, and whispered, “Yeah.  It’s a real solid name.”

Oy.  It totally melted my heart.


One of my calculus girls (whom I met for the first time yesterday) came in “just to talk and say hi” after school.  I was so honored.  Even when you have about a thousand other things you need to be doing, when a kid comes in and gives of her time  for you, you can’t help but drop what you’re doing and engage in conversation.  It’s what makes this job worthwhile.  It’s also what makes this job not even close to being a 9-5 gig…just in case we have any skeptics out there.  😉


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