Today was just a good, normal day of classes.  I felt in my element once again, and that usually doesn’t happen this early on.

I left school semi-frustrated on Friday because we had so much material I wanted to get through in PreCalc and Calc that I didn’t even get to talk individually to each of my kids.  Today, we had time to catch our breath and I got to converse with each of them (even if only, “How are you doing?  What questions do you have for me?”).  The reason I’ll probably never go back to college teaching is because I never had that kind of time with my students.  And having time with them is what makes this profession so meaningful, in my opinion.

Intermediate Algebra is going great, too!  I showed them a clip of Joey Chestnut eating 61 hotdogs in 10 minutes and then we talked about all kinds of math related to that clip.  They stayed focused and were able to transfer their knowledge to the new scenarios I threw at them.  I was so happy.

Because I’ll be on maternity leave for part of second semester, my prayer for this year was that I would bond with these kids faster than ever before.  I think that will happen, in due time.  I have a great group for sure.


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