One of my parents from last year emailed me today saying that her son (who was in my AP Calc class) had just made a 100 on his first quiz in Calc 2! Apparently the professor had told the class that it wasn’t uncommon to fail this first quiz and supposedly many did fail. 

Obviously I’m sad for the other kids but absolutely elated for my student! He learned AND RETAINED some calculus!


I was helping a calc kid on a somewhat messy limit problem in class today.  I could pinpoint the exact moment when he realized what he needed to do and how all the pieces would come together for him.  I love witnessing moments like that.  What’s even more fun is when the kids get so excited about it, too, that they give some great proclamation.  He excitedly said to himself, “Yes!  I love math!”

As I walked away, I jokingly said, “Can you say that again?  Maybe a bit louder this time?”

And he yelled, “I LOVE MAAAAAAATH!!!”

The whole class stopped and chuckled.  It was perfect.

It reminded me of those great Old Navy “Feel Good Fashion” commercials:


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