My sixth hour Intermediate Algebra class is filled with boys.  So.  Many.  Boys.

Everywhere I look, another boy.

Where did all the girls go??

But, I have to say, I’m really enjoying these fellows.

I was helping a young man with a problem today, and he got the right answer but still seemed iffy.  I asked if he’d like to do another problem with me sitting next to him.  “Yeah, that’d be really good, just to make sure I’ve got it.”

Off he went, performing perfectly this time with no help.

I nudged him and said, “You got it!”

A smile erupted.  That type of smile you work all day for.  The type of smile that makes everything so worth it.  The type of smile that makes you wonder, “When was the last time he felt successful in math?  In school?  In life?”  Oh, the gift we have. And, oh, the responsibility that comes with it.


I love the diversity of our school.  To be fair, when I see kids in the hallways or when I see kids choose their own groups in class, they often stick with people who look like them.  I can’t say I blame them.  It’s comfortable that way.

But, today I got to witness an African American joking with a Hispanic, and a Caucasian who was raised in the Bible Belt be the first to introduce herself to the new Muslim young lady who just started class.

I love those moments.  They make me so proud to work where I work.

We are so much better–and so much more beautiful–together.


One thought on “Smiles

  1. Your posts sometime make me laugh and sometimes make me cry, but they always make me proud to be an educator. Union is blessed to have you in our family. Thank you for loving your students with all your heart. You teach them so much more than math…

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